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The United States is the second most popular place for Brits to buy housing abroad, falling short only to France!

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We are Realtors in Knoxville TN and call ourselves “The Brit Chicks”. We found some interesting differences between the way buying a house works in Britain vs. US & thought we’d share.

The United States is the second most popular place for Brits to buy abroad, falling short only to France. This is according to a survey conducted by www.homeaway.co.uk. The survey is the largest of its kind; analyzing data from various overseas  government bodies and conducting over 2,500 surveys. This prompted us to analyze the differences between houses in the United Kingdom and the United States.
One of the main differences between houses in America and the United Kingdom are
the Building materials. In Britain houses tend to be made from brick, however in America they are often built, or at least part built, from wood, also known as ‘stick built’. Knoxville Square Foot
In general wood is a cheaper resource and it requires the utilization of a lot less skilled labor than brick.



Question:   Why don’t Estate Agents stare out of the window in a morning?
Answer:   Because if they did, what
would they do all afternoon!


Where do you call Home?

Do you long for the days of walking to the Shops?

Do you miss catching a bus with your shopping?

Do you long for a back garden that you could mow in 10 minutes?

Do you miss parking outside your house or maybe somewhere on the street?


More for your money!
Brits tend to be astounded by how far your money can get you in the US. With the same amount of money, you can buy a much bigger house and a much bigger plot of land in the US than you can in the UK. This is largely to do with one simple fact; America is a lot bigger than Britain, thus with the UK having a growing population yet obviously static space, their house prices are greater. In fact the average house price in the UK is £226,887 or $356,574, whereas the average house price in the US is £163,901 or $257,600 (data from the BBC and Economicworld). When you couple this with the fact that the average floor space for a newly built home in Britain is 818 sq ft whereas in America it is 2,300 sq. ft. you get the clear picture. (Data from the US Census Bureau)

You said  you wanted to be close to the Airport!