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Daughters of the British
Empire in Tennessee
Not Ourselves but the Cause.....
Daughters of the British
Empire in Tennessee
Not Ourselves but the Cause.....
DBE in Tennessee News
DBE  25 Year Anniversary
Miriam Zimmerman

Just spent a lovely afternoon visiting with long time DBE member Miriam Zimmerman.

Miriam’s long time love of all things British started when, as a young woman, she moved to London, sharing a basement flat with some girlfriends. She worked in Theatre and made life long friends there. She loved visiting all the sights of London and of course was in love with the Beatles! Still is actually!!
During this time she met her true love, Anton and they were married in England and lived in the Rickmansworth area. They decided to move back to USA to be closer to Miriam’s family and had 2 lovely daughters.

She met up with some of the DBE ladies at a fundraising Tea at the Knoxville Museum of Art, and shortly after joined the group. Miriam was always a very enthusiastic member of DBE, enjoying the TV programs on PBS of the English scenes and of course kept a close eye on the Royal Family. She always loved to share stories of her days in London and all the wonderful memories she had of those days. She has now moved to a Senior Apartment with Anton and she has given a talk to the residents about making the perfect cup of Tea. The other residents loved to hear all about it and enjoyed both the tea and some of Terry’s wonderful jam tarts.

Anton enjoyed gathering with the English husbands talking about football( the type that you use your feet) and continued his passion for English Choral music with an impressive record collection of concerts from great English Cathedrals, he continued his love of choirs, that started with his years as a choirboy  in England and he continued to sing beautifully with his Church choir here in Knoxville.

Miriam helped with many fundraisers, both helping with food, decorations and selling raffle tickets at events. Poor health has stopped Miriam coming to many meetings in the past few years but she has remained a loyal member. We just celebrated her 25 years as a DBE member and she received her long service pin. She had a lovely photo of Queen Elizabeth on a side table and Terry and I both thought it was so appropriate to celebrate with a cup of Typhoo tea and a toast to the Queen.
Annual Council Meeting of the DBE in Tennessee
This annual meeting will be held on March 21st 2021 at 2.00pm via Zoom.
DBE in TN  members please advice your Chapter Regents if you wish to attend and a Zoom Link will be sent to you closer to the meeting date.
DBE National Scholarship Award
This year we are delighted to announce that Sophie Gregor from Knoxville received this award.
Sophie says that she is honored to have been selected and would like to thank the Scholarship committee for this.

All her DBE friends in Tennessee wish her well in her future and are  happy to be a part of that through this award
The Sarah Josephine Langstaff Memorial Scholarship Fund awards up to four awards per year. Recipients will be from the four geographic districts of the DBE in the USA.

For a list of the Qualification standards please click HERE.