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For over three quarters of a century, The Daughters of the British Empire in the U.S.A. has been a common bond for women of British heritage living in America. Members, joining together in fellowship, contribute significantly to the good of their local communities and support the four retirement homes for men and women established by the DBE.
The DBE is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, voluntary American society of women of British or Commonwealth birth or ancestry. Its members are professionals, businesswomen, and homemakers with common interests and heritage. The group regularly meets for business and social events with the common cause of philanthropy.
The English Lake District
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Carlisle Castle
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The Midwestern District supports The British Home  in Brookfield, Illinois as they have done since 1920.
The Western District assists those who reside in
The British Home in California.

The Victoria Home in Ossining, NY established in 1916.is supported by the DBE members in the Eastern District.
Mountbatten House
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The DBE's motto,”Not ourselves, but the cause", summarizes the main purpose of the DBE - philanthropy. The DBE's founder, Mrs.. Langstaff began the long tradition of philanthropic work by serving the elderly. Homes for the aged were established during her lifetime and soon supporting these homes became the main objective of the DBE.
In 1909, Mrs.. J. Elliot Langstaff, wanted to create a community of British-born women in a foreign country that would be united in a common cause. She was able to fulfill her vision by founding the "Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire in the USA". The group was reorganized in 1920 and was renamed the "DBE in the USA".
The Daughters of the British Empire is affiliated with the Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire in Canada and the Victoria League in London.
The organization is divided into four districts - the East, the Midwest, the West and the South. Each district supports one of the four district home for retired men and women. The governing body for the DBE is a National Board. The Board is elected every three years and rotates through the four geographical districts.
DBE chapters maintain their commitment to service by supporting the District Homes through a series of fundraising events. Many of the chapters also participate in philanthropic activities in their local community as well.
Membership is extended by invitation to women living in the United States who are of British or British Commonwealth ancestry - either by birth, naturalization or proven ancestry. Women whose spouses are of British or British Commonwealth ancestry by birth or via their parent (s), or grandparent (s) are also eligible. Junior membership is available for eligible girls age 13 to 18 years of age.
If you would like more information on joining the DBE in Tennessee, please email us. To join or inquire about the DBE in other states, please  visit the National DBE Website .

Carrying on the tradition of "not ourselves, but the cause", the DBE chapters throughout the United States support one of four retirement homes. Fundraising Events are held by the chapters throughout the year with the proceeds going to support the home within their district.
The Tennessee DBE Chapter as a member of the Southern District supports the Mountbatten House.

Mountbatten House is located in Highland, Texas, 20 miles east of downtown Houston.
Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Oklahoma, North and South Carolina and Texas, as members of the Southern District also support this facility.

Mountbatten House is an Assisted Living home for men and women in an unique home-like setting. The house provides both long term care and respite (short term) care. The home was opened in 1984 with 16 rooms and expanded to its present day size of 24 rooms in 1990.

To learn more about admissions guidelines for the Mountbatten House, please visit their Website .
The other homes supported by members of the DBE are.
Daughters of the British
Empire in Tennessee
Not Ourselves but the Cause.....
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