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British Customs and Traditions
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What a beautiful sensation!
Settle down in your favourite armchair, some soft music playing in the background and hugging a hot cup of tea. This has to be almost as heavenly as it can get.
But where did the tea tradition come from and how can you make a "perfect cuppa"?
Ahh Time for a Cuppa
Oh that beautiful aroma as you walk past a Fish and Chip Shop in Britain. It is enough to make you walk in and buy some.
From Winston Churchill, to John Steed, the Bowler is as British as it comes
The Bowler
Beefeater is thought to be from when they  were paid part of their salary with chunks of beef.
Imagine a beautiful quiet Sunday at the Village Fair and suddenly the quiet is shattered by men in white costumes with bells ringing and sticks clacking. Yes it those Morris Dancers again
Not seen as often now but an essential part of Britain in days gone by.
"The Town Crier"
Oh my are these lady killers still around.
Only the Brits know how to do a pub the right way and what better way than an inviting sign outside welcoming you in..

Daughters of the British
Empire in Tennessee
Not Ourselves but the Cause.....
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