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Christmas Tea 2014
The Ladies of the Centre Court and Wimbledon Chapters held another very successful fundraiser
on Saturday December 7th.  It was their annual Christmas Tea and Fashion show which has become
a yearly tradition for many of the ladies in the area who attend each year.

This year they served nearly 200 guests, which proved to be a record year in ticket sales. The tea
was held at St. Thomas’s in Lenoir City and by all accounts it was a wonderful event enjoyed by all. 

The fashion show by Chico’s Turkey Creek, with some of our ladies as models, was a highlight, plus
vocal entertainment from two local singers, and many vendors who provided everyone an
opportunity to shop before and after the tea.   A traditional British tea was served with all home
baked British and Commonwealth goodies, and of course lots of cups of tea.  The Ladies ended the
event by singing “We Wish you a Merry Christmas” to all the guests.

This event is many months in the planning and we have a well-established group of members with
skills that sometimes surprise us all, from our catering team (who ensures that all foods are made
fresh and representative of the event we are presenting) to table arrangers, ticket and leaflet
producers, escorts, greeters (usually our husbands without whom we could not manage as they are
always there  setting up, during the event as escorts and at the end to help breakdown the event
once over) etc. and of course our wonderful team of people who encourage their friends and
relatives to come along and enjoy the day.

This is a charitable event, local and our DBE Charity all will truly benefit from what is a wonderful
day enjoyed, not only by our guests, but also by our members.

We hope you can join us next year.  Watch the website for more information.


This is my personal account of my 1st DBE National Convention.

Second.........You just have to go!!!!

When we arrived, it was an amazing feeling to look around & see all these English women gathering, that have come from ALL OVER the USA .All these women are part of our little world, our small group of DBE members that we have in Tennessee....or rather that our small group is part of something so incredibly big!!

We had many occasions to socialize at various Receptions or at the Hospitality Room and it was an environment that felt inviting & comfortable. It always amazes me that even though we come from such different social circles in the UK, we connect with other Brits because we understand each other in a way that Americans do not. Everyone was definitely there to have fun and it felt like a big family re-union!

We had Business Meetings on Friday morning 8:30-12:00 and on Saturday 9:00- 4:30. Again the reality that we are part of something significant and important was reinforced. There was  'pomp & ceremony' with the parade of  flags and recitation of  the motto & 'God save our Queen' . However the seriousness of the meeting was evident with the presence of a parliamentarian, addresses of welcome, confirmation of convention rules, reading of reports etc. The information gained from the National Officer's Reports emphasized the incredible commitment, time & passion each of these woman feel towards the DBE  without which each of us might not have met!

The procedures & rules for accepting or modifying an amendment or initiative was mind-boggling and definitely not the most 'fun' experience BUT it did give me an insight into why we have structure and methodology to our meetings. We join because we want to socialize and do 'some good works' but the privilege of doing that means accepting the paperwork too.....

We had a wonderful tour of the US Naval Academy, including cocktails & Hors d'oeuvre s at the Officers Club....sadly we were not served by the men in uniforms I was hoping for!! (oh well !)

Our Final Evening was the National Banquet with a Murder Mystery.
A chance to get dressed up & spend more time with old friends & of course with new friends.

Along with the opportunity to explore Annapolis, it was an inspiring time.

I am so glad I went.

Melanie Dewitt.
Apologies from the Webmaster!

I have to hang my head in shame and tell you a small story:

I gave my wife Joan my very good Canon SLR Camera and asked her to take lots of photograpghs of the Event, Annopolis and the Naval Academy.
Joan took over a hundred photographs. From which I inteneded to select the best to put on this Website.

Unfortunately when I was preparing to download them I dropped the SD card on the floor then rolled across it with my office chair.

Now I know these cards are reasonably tough but my weight combined with the chair was just too much for it. Despite many efforts to recover the card, alas it was terminal. My thanks go to Judy and Mel for pulling some of my coals out of the fire and sending me the photographs you see here. As I receive more I will publish them.

Annapolis Naval Academy
Annapolis Harbour at Sunset
The Gang ready to Party
The Gang Partying
DBE National Convention 2014
Although this is not a DBE Event we feel that it is of interest to our readers so here we go.
I have decided to include here rather than in the features section.

Burns night is held annually to celebrate the life and the poetry of the Scottish poet Robert Burns.
It is held as close as possible to his birthday on 25th January 1759.
It is one of the most prolific birthday celebrations worldwide.
Burns nights are held anywhere the Scots have settled over the centuries since his death in 1796.

Yes he was quite a young man dying at the age of 37.

He is famous for his prolific poetry many of which are famous and you may already know.

Tam o Shanter, To a Mouse. Green Grow the Rashes O, My love is like a Red Red Rose and of course his most famous of all his poetry Auld Land Syne.

Burns nights have been celebrated in many unusual countries. China, Japan and the USSR yes I mean the old Soviet Union. Burns night was the one Western influence that was allowed back then. Many many more countries celebrate this wonderful evening.

So what do we do on Burns Night?
Some may say we consume huge quantities of Scotch and Haggis. Well true, but there is a structure to the night.

We start of the evening with the piping in of the guests.
The host's gives a welcoming speech.
The Selkirk Grace is said.
Piping in of the Haggis.
Address to the Haggis to the poem to a "Haggis".
Supper, traditionally Haggis Neeps and Tatties but more likely a modern meal these days.
Speech to the Immortal memory of Robert Burns.
Toast to the Lassies.
Reply to the Toast to the Lassies.
Guests can now read Works by Burns.
Very often at this stage there will be a Scottish Ceilidh or at least some Traditional Music played.
That is about it.

Some of the men of the DBE in Tennessee plus their wife’s have been celebrating Burns Night for many years. This year our celebrations will take us to the Boyd’s Jig and Reel Scottish Pub on Thursday 23rd January where I myself will be delivering the Toast to the Lassies and my lovely wife Joan (Wimbledon Chapter) has been asked to reply on behalf of the lassies.

Please come back and visit for a report and hopefully some pictures of the evening.
Burns Night 2014
Daughters of the British
Empire in Tennessee
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