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Christmas Tea 2013
The Odd Couple
Tennessee’s Lorna Pace and Diane Jones recently ‘starred’ in a local amateur dramatics production of “The Odd Couple”, playing the roles of the English Pigeon Sisters­­-”Both in their young thirties and somewhat attractive. They are undoubtedly British.”….well, so says the script, and obviously a certain amount of artistic license was taken! 
To quote from a local newspaper account, our stage director described her first meeting with us at auditions: “…they showed up and I almost fell out of my seat. Afterward…they were still in that British mode, and I told them, ‘You really don’t have to do that.’ Everybody laughed. Because of course they do have to do that. They’re the real deal. While they’re not sisters, they’re as English as a good cup of tea.”

Both of us were ‘newbies’ to the stage and we make no qualms about assuming we were chosen based upon our accents rather than our acting abilities.  We attended rehearsals three times a week for about 6 weeks, sometimes getting home at 11 at night, after having worked the ‘day job’ too!  But the experience was absolutely worth it - we worked with some fabulous characters from all works of life and we put together a production that, while not worthy of any Oscar awards, was something to be proud of both from personal accomplishment and entertainment standpoints. Everyone, including the cast, seemed to just love those Pigeon Sisters (“That’s Pigeon, spelt ‘Coo-coo’, not like Walter Pidgeon”) and to appreciate the energy and humor that we brought to the show.  Hey, we had fun and we most certainly appreciated the support we received, including of course from our wonderful DBE friends.

Pictures can be found at: Powel Playhouse Website - some of which are below..
Wimbledon member Joan McCulloch and her Husband Jim held their annual British Losers Party on Saturday 13th July. This was delayed from Saturday 6th July due to the horrendous rainstorms that day.

The British Losers Party has been something that Joan and Jim have hosted since arriving in the USA, 12 years ago. It is always on the Saturday closest to the 4th July Independence Day celebrations.

This year the party was themed on 1940 to 1950 Pub and War songs and Pub Signs.
The House was named “The Pheasant and Glen Pub” for the day, The Gazebo area was “The Gazebo and BBQ” Free House and the Hot Tub area was named “The Hot Tub and Dip Inn” they all had signs to go with them.

Twenty Six guests turned up just in time to see the heavens open once more and soak everything in the garden. Oh well as the Brits say ”If you wait for the weather you will do nothing”, so on it went.

Some of the guys huddled together in the Gazebo eating Hot Dogs and Brats until the rain ceased and then we all got together to dry out the furniture and decks and get the music going.
Everyone had contributed to the amazing feast that was laid out in the dining room to go along with the Pork Filet, Beef Filet and Ribs that Joan has contributed.

From them on it was a huge success. Around dusk the Talent Show started with a wonderful appearance by the Andrews Sisters, well Lorna Pace, Chrissy Harris and Judy Berry's interpretation of them. They were all attired in USA Ladies Airforce uniforms which Chrissy had hand made and they sang along to “Boogy Woogy Bugle Boy of Company “B. They were a wonderful hit and received a great applause.

Following them was Joan and Jim taking on a rendition of Flanagan and Allen’s  “Underneath The Arches”. Joan looked awesome in her Fur Coat and Boater although how she stood the heat is amazing. Once again they were received with rapturous applause.

Marcus Stapleton then took Centre Stage to do his standup comedy routine which was greatly received although he had to tone the content down slightly as children were present.

On top of this Melanie Dewitt dressed up as a World War II Home Front Female Worker. She was excellent and had the notice board depicting war jobs to go with her ensemble.

Once the talent show was over everyone joined in a good British Pub Singalong led by Jim and Chris Edkins and assisted by Hilary Abercrombie, Sandra Anderson and her husband Fred. Sandra and Fred led us through some good old Australian songs.
The night then continued with general party music dancing and good fun and some guys jumping in and relaxing in the Hot Tub.

A great party and everyone looks forward to next year.
2013 British Losers Party
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