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February 2011
Some of the Ladies enjoying the tea and the wonderful repast supplied and prepared by Liz, Chantal and Dore. Thanks for a wonderful tea!

Guy Fawkes Night 2011
Approximately forty eight  DBE members and guests braved a cold night to celebrate the return of Bonfire Night to the DBE in Tennessee's calendar.

Previously Bonfire Night had been held at the home of Shirley Miller and her Husband in Sevier County.
This year the re-introduction of Bonfire Night was held at the home of Sandra and Fred Anderson.

The event proved to be very popular, with more guests attending than had been anticipated.

The day started off cold with threatening snow and sleet but in the  end it cleared up for the evening, even though it was bitterly cold. A good Chimenea fire and a gas heater kept the outside revellers warm before the fire was lit.

The Ladies of the Centre Court Chapter provided Sausages, Chili, Beans and Jacket Spuds to warm everyone from the inside. To wash it down was Hot Cider, Hot Mulled Wine and Hot Chocolate followed by Bananas with melted Chocolate and Cookies.

The venue was ideal as Fred had just built a large Fire Pit and Patio in his garden. The husbands built a bonfire into the new fire pit and immediately after supper everyone congregated on the Patio to see the lighting of the Bonfire.

With the Bonfire burning away in the background a suitably attired Phil Perkins gave a  stirring overview about the origins of the Guy Fawkes celebrations and told everyone that this celebration still takes place throughout Great Britain, so our evening was being mimicked in many places. As the narration closed he told people to be on the lookout for the ghost of Guy Fawkes as he would sometimes appear if the situation was right.
Just then a figure bearing an old oil torch was seen walking from the woods and reciting the poem,

Remember, remember the Fifth of November,
Gunpowder, Treason and Plot.
I see no reason why Gunpowder and Treason
Should ever be forgot!

The ghost of Guy Fawkes (Joan McCulloch's husband Jim) then wandered aimlessly through the woods until captured by a band of brawny onlookers and taken to the fire.

To the chants of "burn him, burn him" Guy  was ceremoniously burned at the stake in true Guy Fawkes Night fashion.

Music then burst forth into the evening as a spendid fireworks display was put on to the delight of all the revellers.

The evening finished with groups of guests sitting  around the Bonfire and the Chimenea and generally enjoying the camaraderie.

The event  was an unqualified success and is sure to be a regular date on our calendar.

Well done to the organisers of the evening and especially Sandra and Fred Anderson!
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