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St. Albans, Hertfordshire England

By Diane Jones


If anyone has not visited St. Albans, they are missing something. Found, just 25 miles outside of London and on the train route from Kings Cross to Bedford try to find time to get off the train for a day and explore all that St. Albans has to offer.

The Cathedral and Abbey Church of St. Alban stands on a hill overlooking the site of the once famous Roman city of Verulamium. It marks the place where Alban, a Roman Soldier stationed in Verulamium, was condemned to death and beheaded because of his belief in Christianity. You can still visit his tomb in the cathedral and he is known as the first Christian Martyr. The site of the Cathedral is surrounded by some of the original Roman Walls.

St. Albans is rich in architectural heritage, with ancient hostelries along the narrow medieval streets, the Cathedral, Verulamium Park, Gorhambury and the Roman Theatre, the Gardens of the Rose and many other fascinating historical sites.

You will find St. Albans has maintained its character and beauty and is one of England’s undiscovered historical cities.

Diane Jones
Centre Court Chapter

Did You Know That?

St. Albans began as a major settlement in the Late Iron Age?

Verulamium, the settlements Roman successor, became the 3rd largest city in Roman Britain?

Alban was the earliest Christian martyr in northern Europe?

The only English Pope was educated in St. Albans?

The Magna Carta was drafted in St. Albans?

The First Battle of the Wars of the Roses was fought in the Streets of St.Albans?

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