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Queensland Australia

By Sandra Anderson


My home town is Townsville, Queensland (QLD) Australia. Due to Queensland being such a large state we refer to the northern part as North Queensland and call

ourselves North Queenslanders.

The Great Barrier Reef is the most well known attraction of the area and a little farther north are the most beautiful rainforests. We are also fortunate to have easy access to many tropical islands for great holiday destinations and it is also a good starting point for going into the Outback.

Our lifestyle is very casual, just think Tropical and you get the idea.
Japanese influence
In 1896, established its first Australian Consulate in Townsville, primarily to serve some 4,000 Japanese workers who migrated to work in the sugar cane, turtle, and pearling industries.With the introduction of the “White Australian Policy’ the demand for Japanese workers decreased, causing the consulate to finally close in 1908
Townsville is a large Military Base and during World War Two had a large USA contingent so of course there were many marriages between Australian women and US Marines and due to the fact that my husband’s father was one of these marines, my husband (Fred) has always had a desire to live in the United States. (so here we are!)
Townsville became a major staging point for many of the Sea Battles in the Pacific War.

US bombers based in Townsville carried out the very first raid on Papua New Guinea, US Forces converted many of the roads around Townsville into Runways and Taxiways and set up small communities to support these. Some of the remains can still be seen to this day!


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