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Carlisle, Cumbria England

By Joan McCulloch

Carlisle Arms2

I was born and raised in Carlisle,Cumberland (Cumbria now). It was my husband’s and my home until we moved to Tennessee in 2001.

Carlisle or Luguvalium as the Romans named it, lies in the North West corner of England, sandwiched between Scotland and the Lake District.
It is a town of approximately 70,000 inhabitants and has been a major city in England for centuries.

The first people to populate Carlisle were Celtic warlords and armies. Later on the Romans based their northern armies in Carlisle.

In the Middle Ages Carlisle changed hands between the Scots and the English many times. The Castle was built in 1092 by William Rufus the son of William the Conqueror and stands witness to many bloody battles. Today it is still in good shape and has many hisoric references to the bad old days. Mary Queen of Scots was held prisoner in the Castle on her way to London to face her death.

In the 13th to the 17th century Carlisle was a major town in the family fueds known as the Border Reivers.

Carlisle today is a busy bustling city with links to the beautiful countryside it sits in. It has a thriving farmers market, a horse race course, it hosts the annual Cumberland Show and has many historic places to visit. See the links below.

If you are planning a trip to Britain I would highly recommend a visit to Carlisle where you can drive over to Scotland or the Lake District and the English East Coast resorts are but a two hour drive away.

Carlisle today is still home to many industries such as Pirelli, United Biscuits, Nestle as well as some remaining wool mills.

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