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Blackburn, Lancashire England

By Irene Lenik


I was born and grew up in Blackburn, Lancashire, in the North of England, West of the Peninne Range, on the edge of the Ribble Valley. A beautiful area of rolling green hills, farm land and streams.

Blackburn was an industrial, milling town, known for its textiles, and was among the first industrialized towns in the world.
The Spinning Jenny was invented by a weaver in Blackburn, James Hargreaves. There is a museum bearing his name in the center of town.

The center of town was known to all as “The Boulevard”. This is where the train station and the bus station sat side by side, in close proximity to the Cathedral. Walking through the Cathedral grounds brought you to the bus terminal and to a beautiful marble statue of Queen Victoria.

Also close to the boulevard was Daniel Thwaites Brewery, where, as a child, I thought the hops brewing was an awful stink.

The town center was also graced with an open market and a beautiful clock tower. This gorgeous tower was “refaced” in modern times with huge, brown tiles, making it look like a giant bar of chocolate. The tiles fall off regularly. Some things are better left in their original state.

For football fans, there is The Blackburn Rovers Football Club and Ewood Park, their home field.

One of my fondest memories is our Sunday walks through Bluebell Woods.
Bluebells carpeted the forest floor and at that time you were allowed to pick the flowers. I would go home with arms full.

A great amount of information about Blackburn can be found on Wikipedia.

The Blackburn Clock Tower

Blackburn Clock Tower

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