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11 Apr 2017

Our First Nashville Chapter.

Exciting news Update. Diane Jones, Gillian Perkins and Joan McCulloch traveled to Nashville on Saturday November 11th to meet with and set up the new Chapter which will cover Nashville and Mid Tennessee. They met with fourteen ladies all of British and Commonwealth heritage and completed the steps necessary to inaugurate a new Chapter which will probably start in January 2019. This is an exciting time for the DBE in Tennessee as it is the first time we have had a chapter outside Knoxville. The new chapter name has not been chosen yet but we will publish that as soon as it is approved.

Message from Diane Jones State President.

On Sunday April 9th some of the Knoxville Chapter members drove to Nashville to meet up with our  prospective members who plan to form our first Chapter in Nashville.  We met for lunch and had a wonderful discussion about the DBE and their plans to recruit members and get things started.  Both Kathleen and Liz are delightful ladies and so full of enthusiasm.

In a follow up email, Liz from Nashville  later said “I look forward to getting involved with this organisation. My dear mum was so proud of her British heritage, and would be so pleased to know that I am pursuing the same, even if it is only half of me! Kathleen and I are determined to make a go of this, so hopefully you all will be getting information about the new Nashville chapter of the DBE soon!

And Kathleen from Nashville said “   We are so grateful that you made the trek to Nashville today to introduce yourselves.  We’re very excited to start the Nashville Chapter of the DBE.With your leadership and friendship, I believe we can do it

A big thank you to the girls who drove to Nashville with me and of course to Kathleen and Liz for making the lunch so enjoyable!

Diane Jones

State President