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Centre Court Meets despite Historic Floods

Lorna hosted a superb meeting with 11 members getting thru all the road closings & floods. Excellent meeting lead by Diane , finishing with a celebration of Carol Montgomery’s 70 th Birthday. read more →

Sandra Anderson becomes an American Citizen.

Well done to Sandra for becoming an American citizen this week. The ceremony took place in Chattanooga and many of the DBE in TN ladies travelled down to support her. Sandra is in the Wimbledon chapter and has been an avid member for many years. Go Sandra.🙃. That is an Aussie smiley. read more →

Nashville Chapter Meeting

Saturday 2nd February was a beautiful day for  Diane Jones, Gill Perkins, Hilary Abercrombie and Jane Luhn  to drive to Franklin TN and enjoy a lovely brunch followed by just a little shopping! Then on to attend the Second Meeting of the  Kensington Gardens Chapter in Nashville, this is the  third Chapter to be set.. read more →