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Members Login

Good day Ladies, I have now set up a Members Login so that any of you can post items on our Blog. Please contact your Chapter Regent to receive the password. I Will be putting together a HOW TO GUIDE and will send that to the Regents also. If you have any questions or want.. read more →

Welcome to the Blog – Facebook Link

Ladies and Gents. We now have the ability for Admin to post items on the blog and it will push straight to Facebook- Fingers Crossed! That way we can see what is going on on the blog. read more →

Exciting News

Our First Nashville Chapter. Exciting news Update. Diane Jones, Gillian Perkins and Joan McCulloch traveled to Nashville on Saturday November 11th to meet with and set up the new Chapter which will cover Nashville and Mid Tennessee. They met with fourteen ladies all of British and Commonwealth heritage and completed the steps necessary to inaugurate.. read more →