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On Saturday 2nd April the Wimbledon Chapter held a yard sale. As the host of this event I have to say that it never ceases to amaze me the items people will buy……the sale was due to start at 7am, however, by 6.30 am buyers were lined up waiting to buy so began a very.. read more →

French Student Visits Farragut Rotary

Centre Court Member Liz Gregor introduces a French Student to Farragut Rotary. Rotary Youth Exchange student Pierre Ribardiere has always enjoyed extra-curricular activities including soccer, martial arts and robotics, but since coming to East Tennessee eight weeks ago, he’s added a new hobby: waterskiing. Webb School Multi-Cultural Coordinator Liz Gregor introduced Ribardiere, who is from Normandy France to.. read more →

Wimbledon Garage sale

Saturday 12th April Garage Sale. I never knew a group of people could have so much fun organizing a Garage Sale for Charity. On Friday evening the DBE girls of the Wimbledon Chapter came together at the home of Joan and Jim McCulloch to prepare for what is fast becoming a yearly event “Garage Sale”,.. read more →