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Police in Darby Pennsylvania arrested a Pizza shop owner after it was found that he had infested competing Pizza stores with Mice in an attempt to increase his own sales.
Nikolas Galiatsatos was charged with animal cruelty as well as other charges.

The Darby police superintendent said this is "Food Terrorism by Mice."
The mice had been purchased from local pet store.
That is a Mice Pizza
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A German Minister has recently resigned his post over allegations that he large parts of his Doctoral Thesis.and the L.S.E is looking into allegations that Colonel Gaddafi's son Salif al-Islam also plagerised his PhD Thesis.

So where does it all end. In Great Britain most of the universities use a plagiarism spotting program named Turnitin. This program spots suspicious essays and compares them to known documents, student papers and over 14 billion web pages.
Plagarism gone Crazy?
The US Supreme court has made one if it's most controversial rulings this week. when it ruled that protesters could stand outside the funerals of US Soldiers and protest about homosexuality.
Westboro Baptist church Members have been protesting at funerals of  hero soldiers displaying placards that read "Thank God for Dead Soldiers" and "Thanks God for September 11th" among other disgusting hate slogans.

Church members have picketed at many US soldier funerals to draw attention to their church view that US military deaths are punishment for the immorality of Americans.
Other News
Right of Free Speech gone wrong
Can you believe that Queen Elizabeth has been on the throne for sixty years?

She ascended to the throne on the 6th day of February, 1952 and Queen Victoria is the only other monarch in the history of the British Empire and the British Commonwealth to have celebrated a Diamond Jubilee.   

To quote our Queen’s own words:

“In this special year, as I dedicate myself anew to your service, I hope we will all be reminded of the power of togetherness and the convening strength of family, friendship, and good neighbourliness, examples of which I have been fortunate to see throughout my  reign and which my family and I look forward to seeing in many forms as we travel throughout the United Kingdom and the wider Commonwealth”
Queen Elizabeth ll Diamond Jubilee
I was born a month before Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne and still have my Coronation Mug proudly on display in my home.   I think I speak for all of us in the DBE in Tennesssee  in saying “hip hip hoorah” and thank you for the sixty years of service.  Long may she reign!

Diane Jones
State President DBE in Tennessee
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