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Wimbledon Scottish Music and Dance Evening
Well, the Tennessee weather tried it’s best to spoil the Scottish Night, which was a sell out, but Joan was not to be beaten.
Our Garden was a soggy mess after all the rain and there was more to come so she contacted the Scottish Pub in Knoxville Old City, Boyd’s Jig and Reel. They very kindly allowed us to use their two function rooms. So started the logistics of moving everything to the Jig and Reel.

With the help of the pub staff, all was nicely completed before the first guests rolled in at 7.00pm.
Good Thymes Ceilidh Band played a selection of traditional Scottish tunes until the food was served
What a spread the ladies of the Wimbledon Chapter had put together. Everything from Scotch Salmon to Scotch Eggs, Sausage Rolls Scotch Pies, Kedgeree, Bannocks and Arran Potato Salad.
All of this to be followed with Cranachan, Scottish Shortbread and Scottish Butter Tablet. A veritable feast of traditional Scottish food.

During the break for supper James Wimslow our Bagpiper for the evening played some laments and general Bagpipe music. Fantastic show by him.
After supper, Cynthia Atkins demonstrated Scottish Dancing with the help of a few “Volunteers”. Then the music started and they all danced the Cumberland Reel. After that, some more of us joined in and danced another Reel.

Good Thymes Ceilidh Band then played some spirited Scottish Sing-a-Long Tunes to the accompaniment our guests.

After this James finished the night off in a traditionally Scottish way playing Auld Lang Syne while we all held hands and sang along.

A wonderful night snatched from the jaws of defeat by Joan and her quick thinking.
Out thanks go to, The Good Thymes Ceilidh Band, Jenny Boyd of Boyds Jig and Reel, James Winslow, Cynthia Adkins and of course, our wonderful Ladies of the Wimbledon Chapter.
Who knows this could be a regular event.

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