Daughters of the British Empire in Tennessee
Not Ourselves but the Cause
We are the "Daughters of the British Empire in Tennessee"?  (DBE)
State Board Officers
For over three quarters of a century, The Daughters of the British Empire in the U.S.A. has been a common bond for women of Britishor Commonwealth heritage living in America. Members, joining together in fellowship, contribute significantly to the good of their local communities and support the four retirement homes for men and women established by the DBE.

The DBE is a charitable, non-profit, non-political, non-sectarian, voluntary American society of women of British or Commonwealth birth or ancestry. Its members are professionals, businesswomen, and homemakers with common interests and heritage. The group regularly meets for business and social events with the common cause of philanthropy.

The DBE in Tennessee is a part of the Southern District.
Other states in the Southern District are Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.

Individual groups in a state are called Chapters and we have three;

Centre Court Chapter Received itís Charter in 2005 and has grown to a level where a new chapter was deemed to be necessary.

Wimbledon Chapter. Received itís Charter on February of 2013  and held its first full meeting on the 27th February. Wimbledon intends to hold the monthly meetings on an evening and not necessarily at a memberís home.

Kensington Gardens Chapter. Received itís Charter on March 4th 2019.



 State President

Diane Jones

 1st Vice President

Joan McCulloch

 2nd Vice President

Terry Smook

 3rd Vice President

Melanie DeWitt


Lorna Pace

 Correspondance Secretary

Hilary Abercrombie

Recording Secretary


Communications Secretary


MBH Representative

Sandra Anderson


Deborah Saunders


Diana Fetterman


Chapters in Tennessee
We have three Chapters in Tennessee.

Centre Court. Our Oldest Chapter


Kensington Gardens. Our Newest Chapter
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